Look Out

October 16, 2016 – October 30, 2016


The Sermon on the Mount ends with a warning, but even in that warning, Jesus gives us tremendous hope. With Look Out! we’ll take a look at how this wonderful sermon ends and what it means for those who want to follow him.

Episode 1

Two Gates

October 16, 2016 | Matthew 7:13-14

Jesus forces us to make a choice. The narrow gate or the wide gate. The hard road, or the easy one.

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Episode 2

Two Trees

October 23, 2016 | Matthew 7:15-23

Lives of repentance and Biblical faithfulness help us avoid deceivers and self-deception.

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Episode 3

Two Houses

October 30, 2016 | Matthew 7:24-29

The aim of the Sermon on the Mount is action. Jesus expects his followers to follow his commands.

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